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Darren is a father of two boys who are 5 years apart in age. He has seen firsthand the extreme changes throughout Wicomico County Public Schools and the negligence that has severely degraded Wicomico's educational system over a period of 20 years due to poor leadership. He understands the importance of quality education in order to advance students. Moving forward, the sky is the limit.

Darren has over 30 years of Information Technology and business administration experience, and has provided solutions to multiple industries including: education, manufacturing, accounting, legal, insurance, automotive, communications, service, medical, non-profit, government, and various other small to medium sized business operations. Darren also has over 10 years in technological educational development and administration in the educational non-profit sector, with an expertise in processes, compiling and analyzing statistics, setting goals, and tracking student milestones and outcomes. 
Over the years, Darren has organized and
provided educational seminars and training related to public education and professional development.

Having owned and operated his own solution-based businesses over the years, he's learned to manage wisely and offer practical-sense solutions that work effectively and efficiently. He also has the ability to develop streamlined procedures and converts complexity into simplicity. He knows how to build something from nothing, what works and what doesn't, while valuing the ideas and input from others in order to build something great.


Darren recognizes an attribute of the schoolboard that appears to be lacking, and that's business sense. We always seem to end up with retired educators who never ran their own business or lack understanding in business administration and leadership. When a board member doesn't have children in the school system, it makes matters even worse. There's a great disconnect, and we need to change that.  Darren firmly believes that we need the majority of board members to have both business sense and a child in the school system. He also understands both profit and non-profit business environments and their differences in operation.


Having a love for children and looking out for every family's Constitutional civil rights and liberties, he's devoted the past 10 years auditing grades on an undisclosed amount of students, made public comments before officials, wrote countless emails and letters, filed several FOIA requests to discover concealed information, filed appeals, created petitions, studied education, state, and Constitutional law, identified various school issues and offered solutions pro-bono to school officials in attempt to improve the school system. Darren is ready to serve the citizens of Wicomico at an official capacity, while fighting for your child to receive a quality education no matter what it takes. In order to help you, Darren will need your support and vote in the 2022 election. We are in this together!

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